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Membership Rules

  1. All members agree to abide by the APMAA Code of Ethics when conducting business.

  2. All Memberships are for a twelve month period beginning from the day payment is received.

  3. Use of information and files obtained through the APMAA web-site, including the forms library, marketing material, and training tools are for the Members personal use only.  Members may not publish or sell the information obtained.  Members may use the information in performing their primary job duties; i.e. a Member may use a Confidentiality Agreement obtained from the APMAA Forms Library when working with a client but the Member may not sell the agreement to a third-party.

  4. Members confirm that they have read and agree to Disclaimer of Liability and the Terms and Conditions of use found on the APMAA web site.

  5. Members must keep their username and password in a secure place.  Membership entitles only the paying APMAA Member to log-on to the APMAA Member web-sit areas.  Member may not share their user name/password with other people.   Any Member in violation of this policy will be loose their membership privileges.

  6. Due to the nature of the services provided, the APMAA does not provide refunds to Members for annual dues under any circumstances.

  7. Members must be in good-standing to apply for or renew their Accreditation.

  8. Any member found to be in violation o these rules will be referred to the Membership Committee for disciplinary action and recommendations to the APMAA. The APMAA reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to ban any member found to be in violation of these rules.