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Code of Ethics


The APMAA requires each member to act in accordance with a strict code of ethics designed to promote the highest level of professionalism in the business brokerage and merger & acquisition industry. 


All APMAA active members agree to abide by the following Code of Ethics

  1. To promote actions that build trust with our customers, regulatory authorities, and the general public.

  2. To protect the confidential nature of each individual customer’s business records and to not disclose information except as permitted by law or regulation.  

  3. To observe all laws and regulations governing their services.  

  4. To deal honestly and fairly with clients and all concerned.  

  5. To act with skill, care, and diligence in any transaction.  

  6. To ensure that advertising is accurate and truthful, and free of any device which could create an erroneous impression or otherwise be contrary to the public interest.  

  7. To answer all proper inquires to the best of their ability and satisfy all reasonable complaints.  

  8. To act in good faith. To follow good business practices, and to represent available services and products accurately.  

  9. To respect and support APMAA members.  

  10. To uphold the work and interests of the APMAA and avoid conduct which may bring discredit to the APMAA and its members.