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About Our Company Peerless Pinnacle Company emphasizes both Main Street Business Brokerage and Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A - larger businesses). Helping Sellers -- We enhance the market value of your business by preparing it professionally for sale. After your initial contact with us, we like to have a confidential face-to-face meeting. We discuss the process by which we reach Buyers while maintaining your confidentiality. We also discuss determining the market value of your business, what information is required for that purpose and to sell the business, and several other topics related to what to expect throughout the selling process. We address any questions or special needs you may have. Our goal is your success in this selling process! Helping Buyers -- After your initial contact with us, we highly prefer a confidential meeting. We determine your business interests, including preferences and location. We determine your level of financial commitment to this purchase. We discuss the resources used to find suitable candidate businesses for you. We also discuss the process of making an offer, due diligence, and closing. We address any questions or special needs you may have. Our goal is your success in this buying process! Geographic Area Served Tennessee, Kentucky, Alabama, &, Mississippi, with a Middle Tennessee emphasis (Nashville, etc.) About Mr. Esmer Mr. Gerald P. Esmer, CBC, BTS, FRC, CBB, CBI is the President of Peerless Pinnacle Company. He is a member of: Association of Professional Mergers & Acquisition Advisors BusinesNetwork (BBN) Brokers Network Group (BNG) International Business Brokers Association (IBBA) M&A Source Institute of Certified Business s Brokers Counselors (ICBC) Mr. Esmer has received the numerous certifications listed above (CBC, BTS, etc.), each from one of the listed organizations (BBN, BNG, etc.) in recognition of his accomplishments and expertise. In order to receive these certifications, one or more of the following are typically required: Education and training Experience (specific accomplishment targets) Longevity Attendance at and participation in conferences that typically include seminars and trade shows Passing an exam (test) In addition to education and training, a key aspect of belonging to these fine organizations is the access they provide to cooperation with other leading business brokers and mergers and acquisitions intermediaries. Not only does Gerald contact many of these other brokers and intermediaries at appropriate times, they frequently contact him when they are seeking Buyers or Sellers. Gerald P. Esmer's more formal education includes: MBA, University of Michigan MS in Mechanical Engineering, University of Michigan MS in Electrical Engineering, Stanford University BS in Electrical Engineering, Michigan State University Numerous additional university courses and seminars.

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